Tuesday, June 18, 2013

‘Black-Owned’ Tattoos & QoS


How many couples reading this blog: slut wives & white hubbies, white girlfriends and BFs have thought of having a ‘Black-Owned’ tattoo or some other insignia that declares they’re of service to/for Black men?

The idea might seem strange but only to a handful; majority of white women who love the feel and presence of Black men in their lives know already what I’m referring to. And for the hubbies who haven’t thought of sporting one, I want you to know that as long as your Mrs., is out there being ‘owned and used’ by a black bull/master, then that automatically translates to you as well. If a hubby out there is willing to indulge his wanting to be of service to a Black Master, then its only fair he be made to sport one of such tattoos, or at least one of significance given to him by his master as a reminder of whom he’s meant to please.

The simplest tattoo is one that is well famous and notorious amongst Milfs and mature white wives, and that’s the ‘Queen of Spades’ or QoS tattoo. Getting one is just as well easy, though a perfect spot for where it must be indicated should carry weight. For most wives, it could be the ankle, neckline or bottom waistline, even on the butt cheeks. Hubbies too can get one on the same areas, as long as its their wish to have such done. For some hubbies, I’d prefer one on their buttocks on around the crotch area. However, I’ll leave that for the wives to really decide. For those wives who choose to dare even further, a simple ‘Black Cock Slut’ written at the backside will do.


Of course there are those conservative couples who’re much afraid of sporting such on their skin, then the alternate would be to purchase an anklet or neck chain with the QoS logo on it. 

Tattoos aren’t meant for everyone, but for those whose tats make their body more sexy and inviting, then such would go will with you. And note that such tats are means of bringing loving couples in harmony with their lifestyle.


  1. Master SHANGO,

    a good article.

    Seeking a long time a matching tattoo for me. This shows a BBC Master clearly...what is "MY PASSION".
    About suggestions I am very, very pleased...thank you...!